Protection Detection Response

Our cyber security team is comprised of the brightest cyber experts, engineers, and operators who focus on building adaptive custom capabilities that don’t exist anywhere else in the industry.


SignumVeri is unique in the marketplace.

Drawing upon our partner's
military background in cyber security, SignumVeri has developed a unique process to actively and offensively engage threats in support of your internal cyber security team.

Zoom Cyber Security Issues

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Zoom Cyber Security Issues and Recommendations

The Coronavirus has disrupted how we all live and work, but your safety is still our top priority. While continuing to practice social distancing, many businesses are turning to Zoom to hold important meetings. But Zoom’s security practices have been drawing more attention as well as lawsuits.

Check out our free paper on the subject and learn some simple tricks that will help make Zoom safer for your business operations.

Trump administration attempts to stop cyber attacks during presidential election

White House expects major effort to hack into voting records and machines while experts say the government needs to be pro-active in order to stop the type of hacks that took place in 2016.






“As the world is increasingly interconnected, everyone shares the responsibility of securing cyberspace.”

― Newton Lee